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On The Line

February 2020

Stay on The Line: 6 Ways to Improve Customer Calls with your CRM

You may think that calls aren’t a popular option for contacting customer services anymore, now that most brands have dedicated customer service social media channels. However, many customers still find that picking up the phone and calling in is the most comforting option when it comes to ensuring a response without the wait.

Your bespoke CRM solution can prove very handy when it comes to managing customer calls. Save yourself the trouble of juggling call records, misdialled numbers and clunky dialling platforms, and keep your customers far happier by integrating your CRM with your customer database, and make use of its built in dialling platform.

Here are six ways your bespoke CRM with Lunar can help improve your customer phone calls…


1. Dialler Integration

Already got a dialler platform you and your team loves? There’s no need to give it up! With your bespoke CRM solution, you can integrate your favourite apps, dialler platforms included, with third party compatibility. Don’t change up your workflow, instead let your bespoke CRM solution make it more efficient.  


2. Cloudcall / Jibba Jabba

Don’t have a dialler platform already? Luckily for you, Lunar CRM has teamed up with Cloudcall and Jibba Jabba to provide a dialling solution for you. Now you can easily use your bespoke CRM to keep in touch with your customers, and you won’t have to worry about shopping around for a new dialler platform, or going without one.


3. Record Your Calls

There are many reason you may wish to record calls, from training your team to protecting them. Call recording is a common practice, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated one. With Lunar CRM you can automatically record calls, and easily access and asses those recordings at a later date if you need to.


4. Put Your Phone Away

The problem with handsets is the risk of misdialling numbers, not to mention the slight delay in finding and keying numbers in. With Lunar CRM you can dial numbers recorded with your customer’s data at the click of a button, saving you plenty of time and eliminating errors. 


5. Save Money

Having an integrated dialler platform with your bespoke CRM not only saves you time, it saves you money too. No need to get additional phone contracts for your business with a dialler platform included, and of course, time is money. So that saved time will eventually save you money too.


6. Keep a Complete Call History

With a complete history of relevant customer data will keep everyone on your team in the loop when it comes to customer call history. This can be invaluable information when it comes to ensuring high standards of customer service. This allows for greater collaboration between your team as customer relations are passed between different members of the team.

Combined, these features have the potential to supercharge your calls and help to improve your customer relationships, all whilst saving you money. So, next time you pick up the phone, consider how much easier it could be with a bespoke CRM and get in touch with us instead for a free demo!